About this site

What is the name given to a character who’s anonymous, unidentified, hypothetical, or outright unexceptional? Jane or John Doe. Heck, they’re the names they give to dead people found with no I.D. Why? They’re simple names. Easy to remember, hard to misspell. There is no mystery, no romance, and definitely nothing exotic about a dude named John… But maybe there’s nothing wrong with that*.

In a world constantly of weekly upgrades and a culture of competition, those unwilling to fight for a spot at the top are often looked at as less than the few with the golden trophies. If we don’t fit into the prestigious cookie-cutter shape of “success,” we are failures in the eyes of others. But maybe that’s not the shape that we wanted in the first place. Maybe what we already have is just fine, and we’d rather love people than beat them. Maybe life isn’t meant to be “won,” but lived with purpose and passion.

But in our own eyes, we see that that wasn’t the shape we wanted in the first place. Maybe our cookie is a square and the rest of the world is a circle, and maybe we don’t need the update because what we already have is just fine. Some of us would rather love people than beat them in this made-up game. Maybe life isn’t meant to be “won,” but lived well, with purpose and passion.

Sound like you? Well, keep reading.

Your name doesn’t have to be Jane (or John) for you to relate to the feeling of being seen as “not enough.” Looked at like you don’t stand out, or maybe not even looked at at all.

Whether your name is Jane, John, or Aunt Jemima for crying out loud, this blog is for you. It’s a blog for those made out to feel like the “average Joe.” A blog to tell you that there is no such thing.

Whether you believe it or not, you are special simply for being a human creation. Alive. Some days read like cliffhangers, and others are outright a sleep-inducing. Regardless of the tempo, your story is worth hearing if you’re willing to share it.

For those of you who don’t see your own light, follow me as I discover and celebrate my own.

May you laugh with me, cry with me, explore with me, learn with me, and see yourselves more clearly – Because we are what makes this world special, not the other way around.




*I mean, after all, life ain’t easy for a boy named “Sue.”